February 12, 2024

Empowering Success: SPG and MD Training Program at PT. EMWAY Globalindo

Empowering Success: SPG and MD Training Program at PT. EMWAY Globalindo

In the dynamic world of retail, effective training is crucial to ensure that Sales Promotion Girls (SPG) and Merchandiser Displays (MD) are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to represent the products in the best possible way. PT. EMWAY Globalindo, a leading player in the toy industry, a comprehensive training program has been implemented to prepare our SPGs and MDs, both within and outside the city,  before they venture in the field. This is as our commitment to equipped out team with the right knowledge and skills.

GTM Plan Presentation

Before our SPGs venture into the field, it is imperative that they possess a thorough understanding of our products. To achieve this, our training covers various essential aspects, including:

  • Product Information:
    • Detailed insights into our diverse range of products.
    • Understanding the key features, benefits, and unique selling points of each product.
  • GTM Plan for New Products:
    • Familiarization with upcoming product launches.
    • Strategies for effective communication and promotion of new additions to the product line.
  • Planogram:
    • Training on planogram implementation to optimize product placement on shelves.
    • Ensuring a visually appealing and organized presentation of products.
  • Operation Procedures:
    • Understanding the day-to-day operations, including store protocols and customer interactions.
    • Problem-solving skills to address challenges that may arise during fieldwork.
  • Admin Procedures:
    • Administrative responsibilities, including documentation and reporting procedures.
    • Efficient handling of paperwork to streamline processes.
  • Logistics:
    • Logistics management to guarantee the timely and accurate delivery of products.
    • Coordination with logistics teams for smooth operations.

This comprehensive training was conducted for a total of 201 participants, encompassing both SPGs and MDs. The training sessions were designed to be informative, engaging, and practical, providing participants with hands-on experience and real-life scenarios they may encounter in their roles.

Recognizing Indonesia’s vast geographical landscape, PT. EMWAY Globalindo’s training initiative transcends city boundaries. This inclusive approach ensures that Sales Promotion Girls (SPGs) and Merchandiser Displays (MDs) from both urban metropolises and serene rural areas actively participate, tailoring the training program to meet the unique challenges posed by different markets across the archipelago

Effective training is the cornerstone of success in the retail industry, and PT. EMWAY Globalindo is committed to empowering its SPGs and MDs with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles. By investing in comprehensive training programs, we not only enhance the capabilities of our teams but also contribute to the overall success of our business in a competitive market.