July 5, 2023

EMWAY Global Indo’s Monthly CSR Initiative:Social Support for Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage

EMWAY Global Indo’s Monthly CSR Initiative:Social Support for Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage

EMWAY Global Indo, a leading company in toy industry, has embarked on a monthly Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, aiming to make a positive impact on various societal issues. Each month, EMWAY focuses on a different theme, demonstrating its commitment to social welfare. In May 2023, EMWAY organized a charitable event under the theme of “Social Support,” extending a helping hand to the Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage in Daan Mogot. This activity sheds light on EMWAY’s philanthropic efforts and the significance of its contribution to the orphanage.

Supporting Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage: 

Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage provides a nurturing home for children in need, and EMWAY Global Indo recognised the importance of extending a helping hand to this compassionate institution. On the designated day, EMWAY’s CSR team visited the orphanage to bring joy and support to the children there. The team engaged with the staff and volunteers to understand the specific needs and requirements of the orphanage, ensuring that the donations would be valuable and meaningful.

Donations to Fulfill Basic Needs: 

EMWAY Global Indo believes in addressing the immediate needs of the orphanage and its residents. The CSR activity involved providing essential items such as clothes, bedding, and books. These donations aimed to fulfil the practical necessities of the children, ensuring their well-being and comfort. EMWAY’s commitment to making a difference went beyond these essential items, as they recognized the importance of play and joy in a child’s life. Therefore, toys were also included in the donation, bringing smiles and happiness to the young ones at the orphanage.

Creating Smiles and Brightening Lives:

The joy and happiness observed among the children at Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage served as a heartwarming reminder of the significance of EMWAY’s charitable efforts. The donations not only met the immediate needs of the children but also provided them with a sense of belonging and care. EMWAY Global Indo aimed to create an environment where the children could grow, learn, and thrive by ensuring their basic needs and toys were met.

A Testament to EMWAY’s Commitment as the leading toy distributor : 

The monthly CSR initiative undertaken by EMWAY Global Indo showcases the company’s dedication to making a positive impact on society. By focusing on different themes each month, EMWAY addresses a wide range of social issues, ensuring that its efforts reach various sectors of the community. The Social Support theme exemplified EMWAY’s commitment to orphanages, recognizing the importance of nurturing and caring for children who lack traditional family structures.


EMWAY Global Indo’s monthly CSR initiative took a meaningful step towards providing social support to the Arriadhul Jannah Foundation Orphanage. Through generous donations of toys, clothes, money, beds and books. As a leading toy industry, EMWAY aimed to meet the immediate needs of the children, creating an environment of care and happiness. By extending a helping hand to the orphanage, EMWAY demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact and ensuring that no child is left behind.