February 13, 2023

Why Choose EMWAY as Your Partner in Toy Industry

Why Choose EMWAY as Your Partner in Toy Industry

The toy industry is a dynamic market that necessitates a partner who has a thorough understanding of the region, its culture, and its customers. Finding a reliable and experienced toy distributor has become a critical component for success due to the proliferation of new products and changing consumer preferences. 

EMWAY Group has established itself as the premier choice for companies looking for a partner to help them navigate the complexities of this dynamic market, with its main distribution in both Indonesia and Singapore.

Unparalleled Distribution Networks by EMWAY

EMWAY Group is a leading toy distributor with main distribution in Indonesia (PT. Emway Globalindo) and Singapore (Emway Singapore Pte. Ltd.), serving over 300 retailers in over 30,000 different locations. Emway is the region’s largest toy distributor, with an unparalleled distribution network. The company’s regional familiarity with Southeast Asian culture, language, and norms has assisted EMWAY in developing strong relationships with major global brands such as Disney, Marvel, Mattel, Spin Master, and many others.

The unparalleled distribution network is one of the key benefits that set it apart from its competitors. EMWAY Group has the reach and influence to ensure that your products are available to customers in all corners of the world. This vast network also means that EMWAY Group has the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to changes in consumer preferences and demands, making it a valuable asset to any company looking to grow its business.

EMWAY Has 50 Years of Experience in the Toy Industry

EMWAY has over 50 years of experience in the toy industry and over 100 years of collective industry experience. This expertise has enabled EMWAY to manage both online and offline domestic distribution as well as develop new products to meet the market’s changing needs.

EMWAY launched EMCO in 2009 to cater to Indonesia’s growing mass market segment. EMCO has been expanding its international footprint since 2015, with over 55 territories in all major regions. This expansion has been made possible by the EMWAY network of agents, distributors, and retailers, who have assisted EMCO in developing a strong reputation for quality products, market dominance, and excellent customer service.

Extensive experience as a toy distributor is another key advantage that sets it apart from its competitors. EMWAY Group’s management team has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide effective solutions to any challenges that may arise in the toy industry, making it a valuable partner in achieving your business goals.


EMWAY has become the go-to partner for many top toy brands looking to expand their reach in the toy industry, thanks to its vast network of retail locations and strong relationships with key industry players. The company’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputable name in the industry and a valuable partner for retailers looking to expand their operations.

EMWAY is the ideal partner for large toy manufacturers looking to expand into new markets or retailers looking for new products and partnerships. With our unrivaled distribution network and in-depth knowledge of the toy industry market, EMWAY is well-positioned to assist you in reaching your business objectives.